Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Here be Storms we are told!

Och Eye Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret here!

Well, last night Old Two Legs decided to 'Rest'! There is no TV 'cos the mountain is in the way and the DVD box is behind loads of other stuff, so we have left it there. The awning is in the back of the car and won't get put up at least for the next few days 'cos the locals have said that there will be heavy rain tomorrow and howling gales the day after! Or, as it is known in the doggy world, it will be a 'Quick Poo Day'!

Today we have been into the local town called Kyle of Lochalsh to get some shopping and Old Two Legs spotted the bridge to Skye!

Fly Bonnie Car like a bird on the wing, over the Bridge to Skye!
The Missus found a seafood bar, so lunchtime it was Prawns for TM and Cullen Skink for OTL!

I was a bit bored waiting for them to finish their shopping, so I grabbed 'Forty Winks' on the front seat!

Just resting my eyes!
I must admit that Cullen Skink didn't really get me interested but Holly Chops was straight into the bowl where OTL had left a few licks, and she was chasing it around the caravan floor!

After lunch OTL took us out for a walk along the road that leads up the glen and when we started it was not raining!

Dunno, could be one of those Haggis Things!
 Behind the campsite runs the River Croe, just right for spotting a 'Dipper', which is a bird that OTL has yet to 'See' in the flesh!

No, he didn't see one today either!

Wot? No Dippers!
We headed up the footpath and came to a bridge. Not when I was a puppy I didn't like these bridges and OTL had to carry me across, but now, I'm all grown up and they don't scare me at all!


To think I used to be scared of these!
 We kept on stopping to see if there were any dipper birds but nothing, no kingfishers, wagtails or dippers, just water!

Where have all the birdies gone?
 By now the rain had returned and we were all getting wet so we were pleased when the road ended and it was only footpaths up into the hills.

We took a photo, just to prove we got to the end and then turned around and headed back to the caravan.

The end of the road!
 All along the road there were bluebells flowering and OTL said they were the 'Bluebells of Scotland' which are supposed to be famous.

So, here are some, just for you!

The Bluebells of Scotland!
 By the time we got back we were soaking wet, so a rub down with the Doggy Towels and wrapped up in a car blanket for a snooze before dinner!

Lulled to sleep by the pitter patter of rain drops on the caravan roof!
We are planning on going out with OTL tomorrow to do some serious photography with his Tilt/Shift lens and big camera, providing it isn't raining too much!

See you all tomorrow and Good news on Archie Babes reduction in medications. Miss April has dropped one of her medications, the one for her sore paw. It is still swollen, well it looks a bit bigger than the others but it is not sore, so that is a good sign!

Bye for now.


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret!


  1. Evening McGodwins up there in the wilds. Sorry to hear there are storms on the way, we've had a very rainy day here today. I went out this morning for my walk and my mum had to carry me half way home because I stopped walking and wouldn't move, she just don't get that I don't do RAIN. My mum wasn't very happy with me and she told me I was a naughty boy. I suppose you have to walk cos OTL can't carry 2 of you. Sorry to hear that Miss April's foot is still swollen but paws crossed it goes down soon, good to hear that it isn't sore though. I bet Mrs TM enjoyed her plawns, my mum has a tin of Cullen stink in the cupboard but she hasn't cooked it yet. That looks like a very long walk that you went on. You do both look very cosy under your blanket. Wot about the Macferrets, have they managed a walk yet or is it too wet outside for them. Loved all the pictures, I suppose the birds are waiting until after the wet weather comes before they venture out to pose for OTL. Enjoy your rest all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Here you all are, the McGodwins of Lochalsh, nice to hear from you but not so good that you have been baptised again in the Scottish Waters. The pictures are lovely, I had a good look at them, so nice to see even the mist looked fantastic. Best keep the awning indoors until the weather gets good, better seek out that DVD box, nothing like a good snooze to a good DVD. We only had a bit of rain today although our friends near Worthing reported quite heavy rain. Prawns sounds mmm lovely but not sure about Cullen stink, doesn't sound at all appealing but Holly seems to like it. You do look cosy in the blanket, spoilt rotten, that's what you are, good for you because you deserve it. Hope little McFerrets are enjoying the holiday, I wonder what they make of all the noise on the roof, does it keep them awake or lull them asleep. Hope you manage to get out tomorrow and have a super duper walk and find one of those Dippers for OTL. xxxxxx