Friday, 20 May 2016

Holly has a Paddle!

Hoots Mon!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret with you again!

We have had a super day today!

OK, it started off pouring with rain but as we were cuddled up to Old Two Legs on a nice warm bed, we didn't mind the rain!

By the time the ferrets had been sorted and it was time for our morning walk, the rain had stopped!

After a while, OTL was ready to take us out. The Missus was sloshing ink and paint all over the place so we felt safer going out with OTL!

We started off on a road close to the caravan site but it didn't go anywhere, I suppose it is a bit like Glen Garry but this time we ended up looking at Eilean Donan castle from the back, a view not seen by many of the visitors to the castle!

Eilean Donan from behind!
Holly and I were off the lead and searching for sniffs when this whacking great Boxer Woofer came around the corner!

Right scary it was until we discovered he was a big wimp! Even bigger wimp than me!

We told him to Woof Off, and he did!

As you can see from the picture, it wasn't all sunshine and there was still plenty of rain in the sky!

It could get wet later!
 On our way to see some old Brochs we came across a sign by the side of the road which made OTL stop the car to get a picture!

Holly and I decided to stay in the car and keep an eye open for ant Martian Tourists!

Where is the Spaceship Parking Bay?
 OTL found a beach for us to have a wander but it was just too stony and OTL didn't want us hunting rabbits in the gorse bushes, so, back in the car we get!

Too Stony for us woofers!
OTL was hunting for a couple of Brochs he had seen marked on the map. When we finally found them, up another dead end road in a place called Glenelg, they certainly impressed OTL!

Built 1,900 - 2,300 years ago!
 This one looked newer than the other one but the other one had steps you could climb up, well OTL, not us!

Around 2,000 years ago someone climbed these stairs to look out down the glen!
 When you consider how long ago these were built, they have lasted very well. All of the houses built in the last hundred years won't last another hundred!

The first one as seen from the second one!
Now, as you would guess, no woofers are allowed into these places, I don't know why, I'm sure they had woofers in the days when these brochs were being lived in!

We finally dragged OTL away and went hunting for a place where we could be let off the lead for a run about.

We found it!

There was this enormous beach made of sand and the tide was out!

Holly and I dived out of the car and dashed onto the beach. Holly, being Holly, chased after me and didn't notice I had run into a big pool of water!

Suddenly she stopped and said 'Me Bits are Wet!'

Both OTL and I laughed at that and after a few moments so did Holly!

Holly, getting her bits wet!
 I then got Holly to run into the waves but she didn't run too far, just up to her paws!

No, this is far enough
It was great fun dashing about on the beach, we went from one end to the other and at one point both Holly and I had a good roll one the sand and OTL was too far away to stop us!

Driving back, there was a place where you can stop and see down the mountain to where our caravan site is at Shiel Bridge.

We iz 'ere!
Now, we know that out in the country side technology takes some time to reach the little villages, take the Internet connection here, it's terrible! What would take a couple of seconds back home can take hours up here!

So, when OTL spotted this fuel pump, he just had to stop and record the local 'Garage'!

I bet they got stables out the back!
If the weather is OK tomorrow, we are off to a place called Kishorn where The Missus has been promised a whole freshly cooked lobster!

She has been here before and has eaten many a fat lobster she has chosen from the tanks at the back of the restaurant!

There is also a really super sandy beach I visited when I was a puppy and I'm just busting to show it to Holly!

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

Bye for now!


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret.


  1. Evening McGodwin clan. Wot a super day you've had. I think I might have to have a word with my mum about a holibob, cos I haven't had a super day like you. Loved all the pictures, there's certainly lots of old things up there in the north. Look at Holly chops all brave up to her ankles in water as well. I bet those ferrets would love to come out in the car with you and find all those lovely sniffing places you've visited today. Glad to hear that Mrs TM is enjoying splashing her glue and glitter, I bet she'll enjoy her lobster tomorrow, but wot will OTL have for his dinner? Now I spent the morning at the vets, I had 3 injections and one thermometer put where the sun don't shine, I felt a bit dirty dick this morning and the vet said if I was dirty dick I had to go straight back, so anyways, I feel lots better now and hopefully I won't have to go back until Tuesday. I hope you got some decent scoff today and get a bit of the lobster tomorrow. Have a lovely evening and hope the weather is good tomorrow for you. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. I bet they are all sold out of Lobster! I have, I think caught up so off to make a cuppa, the sky is still light grey and the green leaves are still fluttering, ah well I have enjoyed your holiday and amazed that Holly got wet twice (or should I say that Holly will get wet twice)! xxxxxx