Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Ferret Break Out!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret back again!

It has been an 'Exciting Day' today!

You see it started off all sunny and warm. When we got to the car park by the sea there were loads of rabbits waiting to be chased!

Holly and I did our best but those pesky rabbits run away before we had a chance to get them!

Rabbit Pie?
 Down on the beach the tide was in and of course, I just had to have an early morning dip!

OK, where is the stick?
 While I was splashing about I spotted a ship on the horizon, heading into the River Thames. It was a small, container type cargo ship.

Another one to tick off the list!

A Container Cargo Ship!
 Old Two Legs found a short stick and kindly threw it out into the water a few times so I could get my exercise swimming backwards and forwards into the sea and back to the shore!

OK, just one more time!
 Back home there was some of that 'Posh Scoff'  that I am getting a taste for and Holly will eat, but only as a last resort!

OTL went off cleaning the ferret cages, The Page 3 Girls first.

After they were put back, Fred and Wendy were let out for a rampage around the house. It all started off OK but after a game both ferrets disappeared!

I mean, really disappeared, like nowhere to be seen.

What was worse, The Missus had left the kitchen door to the garden wide open!

Panic Time!

OTL reckons the ferrets have a fifteen minute start on him and we didn't know which way they were heading!

TM was banging on the neighbours front doors asking them to check their back gardens for little furies on the rampage.

One neighbour went up to the football field just in case they had headed that way while OTL was looking under all the bushes in the front gardens.

Then there was a shout from one neighbour that they had seen a small brown thing down the side of their shed and OTL was there like a flash, it was Wendy looking all confused and scared!

She started to come to OTL when he called her but a dog woofed in the next garden and Wendy disappeared under the shed and refused to budge!

While this was happening the neighbour returned from the football field to find Freddy in her front porch looking for food, as he does!

TM marched him off to his cage and went back to help OTL coax Wendy out from under the shed.

It took a slurp of Ferretone to entice her far enough out from under the shed, and OTL poking her with a broom handle, for TM to grab Wendy.

Poor little girl was all scared and shaking and looking terribly worried!

Plus, she had been in some terrible sniff under the shed which OTL had to wash off her before she went back into the cage with Freddy!

So, all ended happily, ferrets back and TM will have to make sure the door is locked next time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Mr Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening maties. Wow, what a scarey day for Mrs TM, OTL, Wendy and Freddy. I bet they were all very relieved to be back home safe and sound. I'm glad to hear all is well even if Wendy did sniff a bit when she came out from under the shed. I bet it will be a long time before OTL takes his eyes off that pair of runaways. Now Daisy, do be careful while you're swimming in the sea, my mum was telling me that a crocodile has been reported being seen near the Thames, now if you see it, don't smile at it and run away quick, don't even think about taking it home to live with you all, they're not very nice and they eat lots. Mind I expect that Holly would be glad if one ate her posh scoff if she's not too keen. The weather hasn't been very nice but I managed to get my walks in without it raining on me. My mum has found a man to come round tomorrow to sort out the jungle in our garden and he is going to resite the frogs pond so that we can just have grass in most of the garden. Now I'm a bit concerned cos when it's all done there will be any parts of the garden where my mum can't see me. On the other paw there will be more room for me to run around and more weeing space. Right I must go and have a pre bedtime snooze now so have a lovely day tomorrow all and watch out for those ferrets making a break for freedom. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh no, what a scary day you have had, that's terrible, poor TM must feel really bad for leaving the door open and not knowing that they were loose, you have managed thus far without any problem. Thankfully all ended well and I hope Wendy and Freddy weren't traumatised too much with the new surroundings. Don't listen to Archie with his tales of crocodiles, you will not find any in your sea, we know some people in Florida who have brown bears in their back gardens and they have to drive everywhere at night even to their neighbours, you won't find any of those in your garden though. You seem to have become Ship Spotters, there used to be little books where you could tick off collections of things, maybe there was one about shipping. You take care tomorrow, it's the first day of July and three weeks away from when those little TL's invade your space. xxxxxx and extra xx for TM & OTL after their ordeal.

  3. How scary was that to read? My little heart was all a flutter. So pleased that there was a happy ending and what a scary adventure poor Wendy was on especially being poked by a broomstick under a shed. Sounds like Freddy decided to turn himself in - probably thought he'd get a foody reward for good behaviour. Think you all need extra big licks and wags for the big scare you had. Hope you have a safer day tomorrow. Izzy xx xx xx xx