Monday, 3 October 2016

Getting ready for our holiday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Wot a super day it has been today, well for us it has! We aren't bothered by that big storm across the Pond, 150mph winds!

Our weather machine thingy on top of the house says that today our maximum wind speed has been 2.5mph!

We were up early and down the beach where we spotted the water steaming! Now, on the way we had seen the mist all over the fields so mist over the water was to be expected!

River Mist?
We said hello to Dave the Westie who was out on his morning stroll along the Sea Wall, we all had a woof and a sniff and Dave got his tail tickled by OTL!

Once again that Miss May pinched my ball while I was trying to bury it! Mind you, OTL managed to rescue it before she buried it under the hole she was digging!

Hey ! Shorty! Giss me ball back!
Back home Old Two Legs received instructions on getting the caravan cooker sorted out.

So, off we went to the menders but not with the caravan, instead we took the video cam with us!

OTL had been crafty and taken a video of the cooker!

So, there he was, in the menders with three engineers gathered around the video screen offering advice!

OTL then went around the caravans on show and poked his nose in the ovens!

Having got all that sorted we headed for home and a trip down the beach again!

I had a great time, I was in for another swim and then, as a special treat for me, I had a good roll on the sand!

You just can't beat a good roll!
 Of course, then I was covered in sand and stuff, so I just had to have another swim to wash all the sand off my back!

........................and now for another swim!
 While I was having fun in the sea Fred and Wendy were ferreting around the rocks looking for Nargles!

Nargle Hunting on the shore!
 Miss Holly Chops had decided to pass on the Nargle Hunting and of course she kept well away from the water!

Why don't you lot just do sniffs like every other Four Legs?
Mind you, all this talk of frogs has us all looking in our pond but we couldn't find any sniff of frogs anywhere. OTL reckons that the frogs are hiding in our 'Wild Life' section of the garden where there is loads of weeds and stuff that may hide slugs and other food that frogs eat!

We will be keeping a close watch on the Wild Life area!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!


  1. Evening little maties. Looks like you've all enjoyed your day. Loved all the pictures, OTL certainly has a knack of getting some dramatic land and seascape photos. I love the photo of you having a roll. I had a job telling which was a front leg from the back legs but I think I've worked it all out now. I hope little Wendy and Freddy don't find any nargles, specially if nargles have fleas! I think Holly chops is very sensible, staying away from nargles and water seems to be the safest option to me. Miss May really does like this burying lark. It's been sunny here but quite chilly. It's been a bit boring cos my mum worked this morning and then this afternoon but now she has 3 days off so we get to do lots of things together and have lots of cuddles and possibly even a siesta or 4. Did OTL manage to solve the problem with the cooker? Just tell him and Mrs TM not to worry too much cos they can always eat take aways, I mean there's Chinese, fish and chips, kebabs and if you're on your holibobs then too much cooking is like being at home, you need to have an easy time on holibobs, or so my mum says, I wouldn't know, I've not had a holibob yet but maybe next year I might go on one. Have a lovely evening all and hope the muggings are good. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx, psssst my mum says we have lots of slugs all over our garden and maybe that's why our frogs are always out and about, she says if you wants she'll let you have some of our slugs so you can spread them round your garden. x

  2. Hello all my Kentish friends. Sorry I haven't written for a long time. I have been reading your blog but mum has been working til the middle of the night or out slapping glue & glitter. What a brilliant photo that is of you rolling, Daisy. I think that May is really funny when she keeps burying your ball. May is a true honorary woofer. Now what's a this about a broken cooker in your caravan. You don't need a cooker! We don't have one. Mum has a Steamer and a 2 ring hob in our Tardis van.
    Not long now til we meet you on your holiday. You will finally get to meet Bella. She has grown a lot since OTL saw her but you will still think that she is small. Her hair is getting longer now and mum brushes it everyday because she likes to roll and dig up wormies and gets lots of knots. Hamish & I went to the poodle parlour for a pampering last weekend so we need our winter woolies coz we're a bit chilly. Mum had to scrape ice off her car this morning so you'd best pack your woolies jumpers too. Love, wags licks and woofs from Izzy xxxx

  3. Oh, you have scored another hit with the photos, lovely they are. You have so much fun on the beach, you would be lost if you lived in a town and had NO beach. What has TM done to the cooker, was it sabotage to avoid cooking? This morning I used the electric plate on our cooker for the very first time, no problem really as I am used to electric. We have heard about a Motorhome where the gas was turned on, the man then went to light it and the gas in the van exploded, fortunely he only caught the front of his hair but the cooker was destroyed, very fortunate so perhaps Archie and his take aways are a good idea. xxxxx