Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday is for playing 'Donk'!

Yo! Woofers!

We're back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

We love Sunday's, that is 'cos we get a bit longer in bed cuddled up to Old Two Legs. Holly hadn't moved all night long, she crept under OTL's arm and stayed there!

Those Whizz Bangs have a lot to answer for!

The ferrets said they didn't even notice any bangs but they can do the sleep of the dead, nothing wakes a ferret from it's slumber, except a cap full of Ferretone waved under it's nose!

This morning May and Eric were out first, as normal, and played a game of 'Chase' around the office while OTL tried to have his breakfast!

As OTL says, 'No Chance'!

May was first at the Ferretone and the Chicken Strips, then Eric found the entrance to the tube leading to the Ferretone!

Mmmm! I sniff Breakfast and Ferretone!
 Eric loves Ferretone and Chicken Strips and reckons he could survive on them all day!

This is seriously good!
After breakfast Eric went back in the cage while may and us went out for a walk.

Down on the beach we spotted the spent firework left on the beach. Holly reckons the fireworks are expensive and it was a waste of money to just set light to it and make a noise. What should happen is for the money spent on the fireworks to be put in a big pile and set alight, same result but no bangs!

Wot a waste!
Back home the ferrets took turns in having a rampage and Eric did his 'Swimming in Ping Pong Balls' trick which made The Missus laugh!

OTL didn't see it 'cos he was shovelling ferret poo!

Well someone has got to do it!

May thought it would be great fun if she did a 'Donk' on OTL while he was cleaning the cage. So, she crept up stairs and peeked around the corner, there was OTL, on his knees, one arm and his head and shoulders inside the cage shovelling the poo into one corner of the  cage. Miss May did a whoop of delight and charged at OTL, she jumped up and landed on OTL's arm and did a massive big 'DONK'!

Now, OTL's skin is not as tough as a ferrets and blood started to ooze out of OTL's skin.

That was normal when May does her 'Donk' trick but the best bit was the way OTL jumped while inside the cage, banging his bald patch on the roof of the ground floor of the cage!

May didn't hang about, she was off back down stairs Dooking all the way to the kitchen!

Lunchtime we were out again and it was still cold and a North Wind was blowing as well, cold or wot!

The ferrets got a carry in the ferret bag while Holly and I went hunting sniffs!

When you got out of the wind it wasn't so bad but a 'Hiddy Hole' out of the wind was difficult to find!

Well, at least it keeps the generators going!
 We had a run on the beach, mainly to keep warm and it took a little while to get the ferrets moving!

Freddy was trying to negotiate a lift back in the bag but OTL said that he needed the exercise!

What about I let you have my slurp of Ferretone for a lift?
It didn't work and they both had to walk all the way back to the car!

Once home we all snuggled down for a snooze, except Eric, he was trying to get out of the cage so he could go swimming in the balls again!

OTL said that if he was good he may get a rampage later on!

Not sure what we have for dinner tonight, I mean, OTL but we should be able to get a slurp or two!

What ever it is it has to be better than that Doggy Scoff TM served up this morning, I mean, I've sniffed better Ferret Poo!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. I'm so sorry to hear that Holly chops was so upset last night, it's not fair to woofers who don't like whizz bangs, my mate Boris, he's the one that looks like me but a giant version, is very bothered by the whizz bangs as well but I reckon he's probably too big to get in bed with his TL's. I hope Holly chops is feeling better now and that there aren't anymore whizz bangs, although we've still got lots going off here. I think my mum might go out and shove a whizz bang where the sun don't shine if she catches the pest letting them off. Loved all the pictures today, specially the ones of Eric, he certainly is a very handsome young chap. It has been very cold here as well so I've spent a lot of time snuggled up on the sofa. Now how can that Mrs TM give you and Holly doggie scoff when you've been thru such traumas? Naughty Mrs TM. Miss May had the pickle in her again today, fancy making poor OTL bang his baldy spot. Hope he doesn't have a mark on it or people will think Mrs TM has been battering him. Paws crossed for a more peaceful evening and hope you get a good share of the muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello there again, it has been quiet here this evening so hopefully Holly has recovered from all the whizz bangs and hopefully OTL has healed from his battle in the cage. Scratched arm and banged bonce, oh dear, poor OTL he does suffer sometimes and still has the needle to look forward to. Lovely pictures today, Eric is really rather gorgeous and it would be lovely to see a little video of him with the ping pong balls. Hope you are keeping warm and the food is better tomorrow, you need all the sustenance you can get to keep body and soul going in this icy weather. Have a lovely Monday and more pictures.....lovely. xxxxxx