Thursday, 1 December 2016

Another Chilly Day!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Ooooh! It has been a terrible day for Old Two Legs, his computer system is playing up and we have learnt some new words for computers!

We were out early to see the sunrise and if you look carefully you might just see me!

If you sort of squint and wriggle your nose you might just see my tail!
 The sun crept up and by the time we got to the beach I could see where I was going!

Half way through a 'Dig and Whizz'!
 As soon as we got back home and the ferret cages were cleaned, OTL disappeared into the distance clutching a box under his arm and mumbling all manner of curses!

He managed to get back by lunchtime but he didn't have the box with him, Holly reckons he has buried it in the river!

Funny thing though, he didn't say much when we went out for our lunch time walk!

I hope he doesn't bury us!
We had some fun with the ferrets, you see they keep telling us just how sneaky they are and how they can creep up on us.

Well, Holly challenged them to sneak up on her while she was watching the birds fly past!

She pretended not to see them until they were very close and then jumped up and looked all surprised and shocked!

I see Nuffin!
Then, just at the last moment she would jump up in the air woofing 'Ooooooh! A Ferret!'

We all thought it was a good game!

Talking about good games, wot is this about a new battery for Archie Babes car? OTL says that they normally get replaced every two or three years but he left his for eight years and when it did stop working he had to get the engineers out to try to mend loads of things that suddenly lit up faults but none of them said it was a battery!

Cost him a fortune it did!

OTL now reckons the server is down 'cos he can't get into his web site, so we can expect him to be grumbling for the rest of the night now!

See you all tomorrow!


 Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the chilly, frosty seaside. Oooh it's been another cold day here too. If I catch that Jack Frost when he's in my garden I'm going to bite his butt. Loved the pictures today, I did squint Daisy, I squinted a lot, I squinted so much my mum thought I was trying to be a sharpie, but I couldn't see you. So come on, wot new words did you learn, you need to share your new words, now I wonder if I've heard any of them, my mum was using lots of words today about the battery. My mum said it's only the 2nd battery she's had in the car so it's about time it got replaced but she would have preferred it if it had waited for a few more months, she said it comes with a 4 year warranty which is going to out live her car. Our car will be 20 years old next year so the mechanic who looks after it as said it might need to be put down cos it will probably cost lots to get it thru it's MOT again. Now my mum loves her car and is quite sad but she says she needs a car or she wouldn't be able to come down to Mrs TM's masterclasses. I'm sorry to hear that OTL has buried his box in the river, he could have asked you to help dig the hole for it. Holly chops is a good girl to let the ferrets sneak up on her then pretend they've surprised her, I bet it kept them very happy. I've had a great idea for Freddie and Eric to keep their bits warm, if OTL straps them in a roller skate, they can zoom around on the beach and keep their tummies warm cos they won't be touching the cold sand, you and Holly could wear a little harness and pull them along even. Well that's it, I've worn my little brain out with my masterplans so I better go do a patrol and hope that Jack Frost isn't about cos he'll be sorry if I catch him. Have a lovely snuggly, warm and cosy evening with lots of snuggles and muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx p.s. tell Mrs TM ta very much for telling my mum she can't use the battery as an excuse not to buy me much at Xmas ........... xxxxx for Mrs TM xxxxx

  2. Now I am wondering if I have heard any of these new words, Michael had problems with that mac computer and had lots of words for it but he sold it and bought one with windows, so much easier and it made some of the words redundant. I do hope OTL remembers where he buried the box when he relents and wants it back. You have had fun and games on the beach and would miss it if you had to just patrol the streets, hope all the expense doesn't encroach on your pressies, little Archie is in fear of loosing out to a car battery. His idea of the roller skates and harness for Holly was fantastic, wouldn't that make a wonderful Christmas card! Oh yes it would...... xxxxxx