Sunday, 11 December 2016

Data Shifting, Part II

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, things are progressing well this end of the world, the hot weather has passed by and now there is a slight chill in the air. Not that it worries us but it reminds us that December is normally six foot deep in snow and ice and howling blizzards.

OK, maybe I do exaggerate a little 'cos down here in North Kent if we get two snow flakes the trains stop running 'cos it is the 'Wrong Snow' and all the cars on the roads drive around in first gear and cause big traffic jams when the road is no worse than after a summer shower!

Well, that's wot Old Two Legs says and he spent most of his working life on the road as a Sales Rep, and you know what they say about that lot!

Now, Data Shifting. We have transferred all the data from one memory box that was showing signs of 'Problems' and it is all on a 2 Terror Bite memory box. This morning OTL installed a second, new, memory box with a 4 Terror Bite memory capacity. Now he is transferring the data from the 2TB box into the new 4TB box, so he has two memory backups!

Complicated? Yes but we think he knows wot he is doing!

Now, before he starts to hog the laptop again for this data transfer, we have managed to process some of the photo's we haven't been able to up load over the last three days!

Red Sky in the Morning is a Ferrets Warning!
 When we go for a walk OTL carries the ferrets to the beach, which is the furthest we go, then he let's them walk or run back. Us woofers have to walk!

Just for a change I would like a carry to the beach!
 By the time we get to the beach all our mates appear on the Sea Wall and of course the biggest, soppiest is Marley who just can't start the day until he has a tickle on the tum from OTL!

Hey OTL, I'm Coming!
 By the time he gets his tickle all the others have caught up and off they go leaving the ferrets to play on the beach!

There's Marley Oscar, Max, Polly, Bryn and Beau, plus TL's!
 Miss Wendy is always slow to start her walk but once she gets warmed up she is off like a rocket but Freddy still goes at his own speed!

Freddy just doesn't  do running like wot I do!
 Of course, while we all wait for Freddy to get into gear Holly and I have a game of 'Dig and Whizz' which is always goof fun!

My Turn! My Turn! My Turn! My Turn!
 Often we meat up with Barney II who recons that OTL gives the best 'Tail Tickle' and of course, just can't wait to get to him!

Come On! Gissa Tickle!
 This morning, being Sunday, we were up just a little later than normal, so by the time we got to the beach the sun was up and flying, but OTL reckons it was still worth a shot!

Sunny or Wot?
We were on the beach when there was a little woof and who should turn up but Barney II again!

Come on OTL, Tickle Time!
 Holly reckons that we should try to bottle OTL's tickles 'cos we would make a fortune!

Now, May and Eric have been getting to know each other ever since he moved in and slowly, bit by bit OTL has made Eric feel at home and also made May feel secure. You know, loads of cuddles for both and a separate bed for May in the early days.

Then the bed sort of 'Fell Off' the shelf so May couldn't use it so she had to sleep on the cushion near to Eric and so it progressed.

To give you an idea what is happening now, OTL took this picture this morning after they got back in the cage after their rampage around the house!

Makes you go all Aaaaaah!
 So, there we are, all up to date and here comes OTL to do some more Data Transferring, so Bye Bye for now and we'll see you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Ah how lovely all those pictures and I am so glad that you got a lie in and all those terror bites sounds very technical. Still not sure of how it is with sales reps I remember OTL telling us that you have to get past the blonde on the desk and I seem to remember that one had a beard! I wonder if he remembers the blonde curvy creature with a beard!!! So good to see Eric and May all cosied up but laughed at the dark paw over the throat. Lovely sunshine shots so good to see and Barney II all lined up for tickles and all those woofers out and about on a Sunday. Hope you have been your bestest for Santa Paws when I saw him he said he had big parcels for somewhere called The Gallows near Wheat Beach, good job I saw him and put him straight about the address. He said something about not being able to get the staff these days. Hope the woofer food is nice and the snacks are worthy of two beautiful woofers. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties. Ahhhhhhhhhh look at those two little furballs, they look very cosy and snuggly. I like to be cosy and snuggly so I snuggle up to my mum, she gives the bestest cuddles. Now then, these terror bites, have you found another Mr Nipper? Mr Nipper does terror bites, he's come on a bit but he's still a feisty chap at times. Now, you know I don't woof, as a rule, well this morning at 4 o clock I went out for a wee before my mum went to work and I did some woofing, just to check I still had a woof you understand. I got an extra biscuit and my mum said I was a good boy, cos my mum is fed up with being woken up by noisy neighbours, so she reckons, me woofing and waking them up might make them lay in and she might get a snooze when she gets home from work. Loved all the pictures, you do have a lot of mates there, I usually only bump into one or two on my walks, I never seem to bump into them all together. I think OTL does the best tail tickles as well, Barney certainly knows wot he's talking about. Now I reckon Freddie is savouring the sniffs and that's why it takes him a long time to walk around the beach. Wot a good job Sue saw Santa Paws and put him right about your address, it would be awful if he took your pressies to the wrong house and the wrong woofers got them. I hope OTL is finding his new chair comfie, better to stay there than risk the blizzards. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (terror bite) Nipper xxxxxxxx