Saturday, 24 December 2016

Little Miss Izzy has been Busy!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We have some super news for you, Miss Izzy gave birth to three puppies last night!

Mummy and children are all well!

Today they are off to the vet for a check up, just to make sure everything is OK!

A Proud Mum!
We have been suggesting names and so far we have come up with Mr Bo Jingles, Miss Misty & Miss Holly but of course there may be changes when their characters shine through!

Mr Bo Jingles, Miss Misty & Miss Holly!
What a wonderful Christmas present to the world!

More news when we get it!

Down on the beach it was rather windy, seems we got the back end of that storm. Mind you Miss May and Eric had fun diving into the grass and playing 'Boo' whenever Holly and I passed by!

This morning we all got our 'Anti Flea and Everything Else' stuff Old Two Legs puts between our shoulder blades. He reckons that it will kill everything except the woofer and there is a special one for ferrets, so that will kill everything except ferrets.

Holly and I have decided to stay away from the ferrets until the stuff dries off!

Mind you, the ferrets have never had this before so as soon as OTL put it on their necks they were squirming about wondering what the devil he was doing, mind you, he had left it until they were half asleep so they quickly went back to snoozing while it all dries off!

I had to visit the vets last night, butt trouble, got some medicine to sort it out, ProKolin to bung me up and some antibiotic to help mend the insides!

Well, normally I have to have the ProKolin squirted down my throat 'cos it tastes horrid but when OTL started to put the tube into my mouth, I went into 'Wobble Mode' which means 'There ain't No Way You Are Stuffin' That Down My Chops'!

I could see that OTL wasn't going to be beaten so in the end I just licked the stuff off his paw, just like Holly does!

Now, the pills are something else. They taste like poo, smell like poo and are the size of dustbin lids!

Last night OTL mixed the pill in with the ProKolin and we got them down like that. Today I was offered small chunks of Lambs Heart, with a bit of pill inside.

I ate the heart and spat out the pill!

Finally, OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs, got some creamy Blue Cheese, (Which Holly and I just LOVE) and put the pill in that.

The idea was, the cheese sniffed stronger than the pill.

I ate it all, no problem!

Let's see what tomorrow brings, mind you, I've got to have another dose of the ProKolin stuff tonight, so there is more chance of some fun before bed!

Bye for now!

Luv to the Pups and Luv to you all.

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Happy Christmas eve to all my maties down by the seaside. Well done Miss Izzy and welcome to the little ones, I hope they don't keep you awake at night though cos a woofer needs their sleep. Sorry to hear you had to go down the vets last night Daisy, see them tablets are the size of dinner plates, and that pro-kolin stuff is horrible but not quite as horrible as that Maalox stuff that I have to take. I don't blame you for spitting it out, I do as well, my mum has got dotty cupboards and dotty slippers. My mum says I'm getting a bit better at taking my tablets, I'm down to 3 a day now. I hope your tum is better tomorrow so that you can enjoy your xmas dinner muggings. I bet the ferrets enjoyed their game in the grass this morning. Sounds to me like OTL isn't going to allow any more lodgers in Godwin towers. Are you going to let Santa Paws in tonight? You're not going to bite his butt are you or he might not leave any goodies. I can't wait to open my goodies tomorrow. Have a good evening and remember when you snooze to keep one eye open for a chap in a red suit. Happy Christmas to you all at Godwin Towers and your followers on the diary. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Huge hugs and special kisses to you, little Arch, from TM xxxxx

  3. oooohhh Mrs TM I'm blushing but I do like huge hugs and special kisses, maybe my mum might give me some as well xxxxx

  4. How lovely three little ones for Izzy, a boy and 2 girls by the sounds of it, all snuggled up and feeding well. Sorry to hear that you are on the dustbin lids again, that's not nice for you and OTL has to be super cunning to fool you Daisy Godwin. Good thing you like blue cheese which pongs more than any pill. Sparkle came out at 12-30 am had another whiz round, slurp of water and back to bed, Michael enticed her out for a bit of carrot this afternoon and then it was whiz round, slurp and that's the last we have seen of her. Hope Santa Paws remembers to call tonight, he won't miss all the landing lights in your garden, so thoughtful of you to put them there. What's this I read everyone having a flea spray around for Christmas, I do hope TM wasn't included in the line up or she will go into a strop, mind you she could go into one for being left out so I hope OTL got it right. You all take care and wish everyone in Godwin Towers a lovely, lovely Christmas and I will be waiting to hear about your antics. xxxxxx Extra ones for Christmas xxxxxx