Thursday, 22 December 2016

Spring and Summer are on their way!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Hey! Wot good news, we have just had the longest night and from now on the days get longer!

Just think of it, warm sunny days, balmy breezes and swimming in the sea again.

Loads of sniffs under the flowers and loads of rabbits to chase!

We saw some rabbits this morning but it was so dark that by the time we got out of the car they had all vanished!

Where the Woof did they go?
As we had to get up early, we could see the sun was still in bed but there were some strange looking colours coming up over the horizon.

The Lights of Sheerness.
We saw the fishing boat drifting along with its lights on but the morning colour made it all look blue, both the sea and the clouds!

Sailing by in the Morning Light!
 Well, the ferrets didn't come with us for the morning walk so we got down to the Parlour in good time. Holly and I got a complete wash and brush up and ended up sniffing like a Tarts Handbag, again!

We promised that when we get back down the beach both Holly and I were going to go looking for that pile of Poo!

Unfortunately, it looks like it got washed out to sea on the last tide!

Mind you, we did find some sniffs that were not 'Mucky' and we rolled in them before OTL could stop us!

We Gotta Sniff and We Don't Care!
Holly found the first one and pretended it was a hole, then, while OTL was looking at me, Holly Chops dived in!

OTL then started to tell Holly to 'STOP' but by then I had dived into my sniff!

I Gotta Sniff and You Can't Catch Me!
It was lucky that the sniffs were sort of 'clean' and nothing showed up on our coats!

Holly had a load of 'Hair Balls' under her front legs so the groomer lady had to cut hem out and Holly's legs had a little less hair than normal but as OTL says, 'It'l Grow Back'!

It's a pity that won't happen with his hair!

Holly with 'Short Hairy Legs'!
 OTL says he will book the next hair cut for mid February, let's hope it's not too cold then!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties down by the seaside. Well don't you two look good and I bet you sniff good now that you've got rid of the tarts handbag sniff and replaced it with proper sniffs. Loved the pictures today, OTL is getting very arty with his early morning ones. I bet the ferrets were glad they weren't hauled out at the crack of dawn for walkies. Now maybe if OTL went to the parlour with you and Holly chops and had his hair done there it might grow back, worth a try. I had some visitors today, Marianne, Steve and Miss Missie came this afternoon. I went all shy and sat on my mums lap, Miss Missie liked me and was giving me a good sniff but I wouldn't get down and play, my mum says I'm a grump. I did let Miss Missie out into my garden though for a wee, I've been going back to sniff it now she's gone home. My mum says if I keep playing hard to get the lady woofers wont bother with me anymore. Thing is, how can a chap entertain a lady he's only just met when her TL's are watching, I am quite a shy chap you know. Anyways, the TL's had a good chat and my mum says it was lovely to see Marianne and Steve again. Do you know my mum put me in my cage when they were scoffing mince pies ......... as if I would mug a visitor. Shame you and Holly couldn't find them rabbits when you got out of the car, better luck next time. Have a lovely evening and hope you get some decent muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (I'm shy) Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. My news first, we have our visitor who is staying for a week, goes by the name of Sparkle and is white all over, not only that but she eats carrots. Ian assured us that she only needs cleaning out once a week so not in our instructions, so no poo shovelling to do. Also apparently she wakes up about 1-30 am and has a rush around her dish wheel, bit food, bit of ladder climbing then goes back to sleep so you won't be seeing us on some chilly beach, doesn't even need the groomers. We will get some pictures soon of this "dwarf hamster" which I can be sure doesn't taste of chicken.
    Good to see you have been groomed for the holiday season, all smart with no fur balls, I thought fur balls were something you had in your throat but I stand corrected. Good for balmy days of spring with little swims and rabbit chasing, I can see how that appeals. Have a nice snoozy pre bedtime evening and I shall let you know how the pet looking after goes. xxxxxx