Wednesday, 14 December 2016

We meet Winston the Bulldog, at last!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

You know it is still warmish down here in North Kent! Looking at the weather monitoring thingy Old Two Legs has in the office, it got up to almost thirteen degrees centigrade today!

If it gets any warmer I will be definitely going in for a swim!

We were a little late this morning, OTL overslept again, mind you, I didn't complain 'cos I snuggled up to his back where it was warm and cuddly!

The sun had just got up when we got to the Sea Wall so everything was bathed in a golden glow!

Miss May made the most of it and kept asking if she looked like a blond ferret instead of a silver one like wot she is really!

Eric said she looked lovely no matter what colour she was!

Wot a creep!

Does blond suit me?
As Holly and I were digging in the sand Winston came along and said Hello to OTL and got his tail tickled! Then, for the first time, he noticed us and woofed a 'Morning Girls', then he went back to OTL for another Tail Tickle!

Come on another Tail Tickle please!
 Holly reckons Winston is a bit of a soppy woofer 'cos he is never off his lead. Holly says that it's because if he was off his lead he would get lost going from one side of the path to the other!

Mind you, she only said that when Winston was out of hearing range!

Lunchtime the tide was in and the wind was almost zero and the sun was out!

We looked out to sea but didn't see any ships or boats, in fact there was nothing!

I see no ships!
I must admit, it did look tempting and I was almost ready to dive in for a swim but OTL was too close and he had his eye on me as well!

Miss Wendy and Freddy didn't come out yesterday, so both of them were looking forward to a run. They took it in turns to climb back in the bag while the other had a little rampage through the grass and undergrowth!

OK, my turn in the bag!
We got back home and OTL had to go out to see some customers and couldn't take us, so, Holly and I had some fun searching for a box that Archie Babe sent us. Yesterday we got a quick sniff before The Missus said it was for 'Christmas Morning'!

Well today we played 'Hunt the Parcel', we went everywhere but although we reckon it is in the bedroom, we just couldn't locate it!

Most frustrating it is, just getting a mere wisp of a sniff but not enough to find it!

That TM can be sneaky sometimes!

Bye the way, TM has been on Faceache talking to Beverly who is going to paint Holly and me, or was it her sister was going to do a water colour, or maybe it was pastels, anyway we are going to be famous in the U.S.A.!

Pretty soon it's going to be five bob to talk to us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside. Daisy, tell me about parcels and sniffs of them and not being able to have a peep. Your parcel to me arrived today, my mum hide the things that are for me except for that lovely card with a photo of you all sitting on the armchair, I've sniffed it and sniffed it, I've nearly worn the sniff out on it. I can sniff where the ferrets rolled the envelope shut, I can sniff where Holly chops licked the envelope, I can sniff where you stamped it. I love it, it's full of my most favourite little maties and yes I will give yers a kiss for Christmas, any day I'll give yers a kiss. It's good to have a lay in, I had a lay in as well this morning, I like snuggling up to my mums tum cos it's nice and squashy and cosy. My mum was telling me about someone painting a picture of you and OTL's boots and ankles, sounds fabulous, you're famous all around the world you know. I'd pay 10 bob to speak to you any day. Glad to hear you all enjoyed your trips out to the beach and pleased that the weather was nicer for you all. It was very drizzly here this morning, I didn't want to go on my walk but my mum made me, she soon got fed up though when I kept sitting down and saying I wanted to go home, first we went up one street and then I sat down, so we headed up another street and I sat down, then we went back to the first street and I sat down again, then we went to the 2nd street and I sat down again so in the end my mum gave up and took me back home. Now that Winston chap looks a bit down in the mouth, are you sure he didn't hear wot Holly chops said about him? Hope you got some good muggings this evening, keep sniffing for parcels girls. Love, licks, wags and sniffs and thanks for the smashing card. Little Arch and Mr Nipper, ps Mr Nipper reckons that Miss May looks like a right little blonde bombshell xxxxxxxxx

  2. If I send you two dollars (this I-pad thingy doesn't have a proper dollar sign, how annoying) then can I be your special follower and friend? Nearly there so your parcel will soon be yours, in the meantime don't sniff too hard in case you find it and it gets taken away. That golden glow really suits Miss Blonde Bombshell and you would have been too early if you had let OTL get up before and you would have missed Winston. Good name for him, he looks so grumpy but I suppose someone loves him! I thought the picture of Freddy was black and white and that OTL had colour popped his pink nose but then decided I was wrong. Now what is this I read about Archie receiving a Christmas card with all the sniffs? Tomorrow I am going out for a midday Christmas dinner and am having a Four Bird Roast, what do you think of that then, I shall report back maybe Holly would love that. Something must taste of chicken I shall have to work out what the other three bird are. Archie doesn't have the hang of this walking business, the more he stops to sit down the longer he is out in the drizzle, he can be so silly sometimes, sorry Archie xx. Have another good snuggle and it seems to be warmish again tomorrow so top up your tans while you can and be ready to capture America. xxxxxx