Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Super Lazy Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret reporting again!

It has been a super day today, it started off with Old Two Legs getting up early, that means we are down the beach early so we catch the sunrise. Only, we didn't 'cos we were down there before the sun got up and we were away over the hill before it climbed above Sheerness!

So all OTL got was the 'Pre-Glow' , so it wasn't too bad!

We beat the sun today!
 The only real problem with the morning walk was I lost the ball!

OTL kicked the ball up the beach and I ran after it and dug a big hole to put it in, then Holly and I had a game of 'Chase' up and down the beach until we noticed that OTL and the ferrets were half way up the grass path and heading for the car!

Off we went like Rocket Powered Puppy's to catch them up, forgetting the ball that was at the bottom of a sand hole!

When we came back at lunchtime it had gone, the hole and the ball!

We spotted a 'Wormy Man' coming back from the mud but his bucket didn't seem too full of worms, maybe he has had a bad day. Mind you, if he had a bad day then the worms had a good day!

Half a dozen worms, that is all!
 The clouds were slowly bringing the night back, it is strange to see the night creep back after such a sunny day!

The night creeping in and it's only three fifteen!

We woofed at a couple of woofers who were too far away to be of any danger and then chased after OTL and the ferrets who by now had reached the Grass Path at the top of the hill!

The clouds were rolling in just like a thunder storm and we all agreed it was getting dark!
The sun is poking out but it is still dark over the river!
So, a lost ball but a relaxing day. Holly has spent some time on the sofa with her legs stretched out straight and looking like she was flying like Super Man!

Tomorrow OTL is going to make an appointment with the vet to get Eric 'Done'! It should be done before the end of this month 'cos after that the 'Breeding Season' starts and he might just start to get a bit Whiffy and we don't want Whiffy Ferrets in the office while OTL is trying to work!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside that swallows up your balls. Wot a shame about losing your ball, I wonder if the wormy man might have found it and hid it under his worms. Loved the pictures today. It's been a tad warmer here but it has been drizzly most of the day. I don't mind the night time coming quickly cos I do like my bed and my snoozes. My boy has gone to work so he'll be home all day tomorrow so I might get some snoozes with him while my mum goes to work. Poor Eric, I do feel a bit sorry for him and I hope that when he gets done he soon gets over it, wots a bit of a sniff? Now talking of sniffs, in the garden today I found some interesting sniffs when I was doing my patrol, first I found half of an apple but my mum took it away from me before I could munch it up, then I found a frog, now there it was laying on the grass, it seemed fast asleep so I laid down on it to keep it warm and dry, my mum came along and pinched that as well, she reckons it might just be asleep so she says she'll put it in a safe place so that if it wakes up it can hop off and find somewhere quiet and safe to spend the rest of the winter. I could have brought it inside but my mum has banned me from bringing in frogs. I better go and do a patrol and earm my scoff. Have a lovely evening, stay warm and snuggly and enjoy any muggings, I hope Holly chops is feeling much better and can enjoy a mugging or two. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Today then was a story of lost balls in more ways than one, whereas Archie had a day of finds, I hope he wasn't thinking of eating frogs legs like the French! Such a pity that you lost the ball, when you get a new one you must get a tracker on it then you won't loose it. So OTL has finished his overdue paperwork good for him, more time for play. The sun did pop out this afternoon so I hope you managed to see it. Michael went out for a walk but didn't take any pictures as the sun had gone in and all the interesting bits and bobs have gone inside until next Christmas. Hear from you Monday xxxxxx