Thursday, 18 May 2017

Well, it didn't rain!

Yo! Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here.

We have been rushing about today and it's all Old Two Legs fault! You see he had visitors today and they all went on for ages gassing and gassing!

It was almost as bad as The Missus and her lot when they are 'Glue Slapping'!

Well, that caused young Freddy and Wendy to have to 'Hurry Up' on their walk this morning. Not the sort of thing that we enjoy first thing in the morning! I mean, mornings are for gently waking up and sort of sliding into the day, not having our tails rushed off 'Speed Weeing' along the Sea Wall!

The things we have to put up with!

Come on, don't hang about or you'll get left behind!
 It was such a nice morning as well, the sun was glinting off the waves and it looked all calm and pretty!

Such tranquillity on The River Medway!
 Well, we got back in time for OTL to de-poo the cages and get himself sorted out before his visitors arrived and while he was gassing Holly and I crashed out on the bed for a well earned snooze!

Our lunchtime walk was late as well, too much gassing!

While we were down on the beach, May and Eric were having a 'Pretend Fight' rolling about on the sand and giving each other  nips when May suddenly stopped and looked at the sky.

Wossatt Squeaking?
 We all looked around but couldn't see anything.

OTL was looking up in the sky as well and spotted a big bird floating on the thermals looking all big and dangerous!

Looks like a Buzzard out looking for some lunch!
 It was some pretty fast paw work for Miss May, she was off Eric's back and up in OTL's arms in a flash!

She reckoned it was the safest place to be in moments like that!

Quick! OTL next stop!
Eric said that it looked like a big chicken and if it came down he would sort it out, yeah, right, like do you want to see your first birthday at the end of this month Ferret Chops?

Well, it headed off and the ferrets carried on playing in the long grass.

OTL has purchased one of those Astronomical Telescopes that he has been looking at, not so big and super as the one he put an offer in on but this one has a load of filters and eye pieces and stuff and although it is not as big and powerful it will keep him happy when we get cloudless nights and he can try photographing the 'Nebula'.

Holly reckons that the Nebula are related to the Nargles and OTL has to be careful not to upset them 'cos he could end up being chased by Nebula Nargles!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Afternoon little maties. Well it was sunny and warm here until about an hour ago then it started raining. I don't mind cos I've been out walking in the sun and I can hang on for quite a while before I need to start crossing my legs. Last night I had a bit of fun with some frogs who were looking to get out of the rain, we had a game of whizz and hop until my mum spoilt it and made me go in. I was enjoying it so much I didn't realise I was WET! We've had the plumber in today cos he didn't do a very good job when he put the new cistern in so my mum made him come back, he's coming back on Saturday as well now cos he said he'd fixed the problem but my mum said he's made it even worse, I think his ears are going to ring on Saturday cos my mums fed up about him charging so much and not sorting the problem. I reckon if he ain't third time lucky my mum will be asking for a refund and getting someone else in to do the job, my mum don't like workmen who charge lots then still leave problems. Now we have some big birds flying round here, they're red kites, now they ain't red and they don't have string to hang on to so why they call them that is beyond me. I'm glad Miss May spotted it before it decided to see if she or Eric taste like chicken. Loved the pictures today. Pleased to hear that OTL has got his thingy for looking at nebulas. Holly chops might be right about them being nargle type thingys but it will be good if OTL can get a picture of one so we can see wot they look like. My mum reckons no one has seen a nargle so there aren't any pictures of them. I found a super sniff in the garden this morning and had a really good roll on it. By the time I'd finished rolling I was all green down one side of my head and neck. My mum said it was nargle wee. Hope you get some good muggings tonight, I'd better go now cos I'm on guard duty in the morning so I'll need an early night tonight. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello everyone, that was a bit of a close call with that buzzard, glad it didn't have designs on any of you for its lunch. I see you have been busy with the sniffs and rain dodging over the week and now we are in for some nargles pictures, looking forward to that. We had some heavy rain today but I wasn't in it at the time. Michael cleaned the roof of the garage canopy and when he knocked the broom down from the canopy it crashed to the ground and a third of the head broke off, being made of plastic and being old. Now he has to invest in another broom head, no dinner for him tomorrow. Happy Friday xxxxxx