Sunday, 25 June 2017

Off to see Izzy and The Gang!

Yo Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret back south of the boarder!

Well, we are in fact south of Penrith in a tiny caravan site that if you didn't know it was there, you would have never found it!

It's a tiny village but it has a pub and a church and a few houses!

When we got there Old Two Legs had a bit of trouble parking the van 'cos there is just not enough room to swing the caravan in reverse without hitting one of the other vans, so, in the end we gave up and parked on the grass away from everyone!

It wasn't long before the youngsters arrived to say 'Hello'. There was Tommy, Genie and Lady!

Yo Woofers!
We all headed off for a walk across the farm land and past a sign that said 'Beware of the Bull'.....!

Well, we kept a close watch out but I think today he had gone off to see his mates down at the next farm!

While we were walking Old Two Legs took the ferrets out for a run in the field!

So much space, so much sheep poo!
 After lunch in the local pub and yes we managed to mug OTL for a couple of bits of his Cumberland Sausage!

Anyway, after lunch, we met up with Bella who just loves OTL!

One smart looking lady!
 Young Izzy was looking lovely and she gave OTL a big kiss 'cos she has always loved OTL!

Mrs Izzy, proud Mum!
 Over seeing everything is Mr Hamish, Lord of Everything, when the girls allow him!

Hamish doing what Hamish does best, looking for treats!
We had good fun woofing at the other dogs on the farm and blowing raspberry's at them from the safety of the caravan window!

Then there was the local woofers who passed our caravan on their walk, Izzy woofed 'Hello' but Holly Chops started doing the ole 'Grumbles'!

OTL told her to be polite and not to blow raspberries at them!

Shame, it's fun blowing raspberries at woofers!

It was lovely seeing them all again and soon it was time to say Bye Bye until the next time we visit.

Tomorrow we should be home but we may miss the blog, it depends on what time we get in!

So, Bye Bye for now and see you soon!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties south of the border. Wot an exciting day you've had and wot fun meeting up with the gang. Don't they all look lovely. Smashing pictures. I bet the ferrets have never seen so many woofers. Glad the bull was on an away day so you could have a sniff round the field. Did you find some super sniffs to roll in? Glad you managed to do a bit of mugging. Hope you have a safe journey home and that the traffic is clear. You'll have lots of tales to tell your mates down at the beach when you get to see them, they'll be well jealous. I've had another lazy day cos I'm on guard duty again tomorrow, twice, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon, all this guarding is hard work. I might need a holiday myself. My boy says that Mrs April might be coming over again in August, now that is good news cos he was thinking about going to visit her but if she comes here she can stay a bit longer than he could if he went there. So paws crossed that it all works out well for Mrs April to come here, cos I do love cuddles with Mrs April. I had a nice sieggle with my mum on the sofa, my mum is the best snuggler when we have a siesta but today she kept planting kisses on the tip of my nose so I had to get up and lay on the back of the sofa where she can't reach me. Anyways, hope you all get a good nights snooze ready for your long haul home tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Welcome back south of the boarder and what a great day you have had, so much news of walks, nibbles, woofers and oh what lovely pictures, glad no bull picture perhaps he had gone on his holiday as well. Pity OTL found parking a problem but at least there was some grass for him, hope he manages to unpark and get you safely on your way. Have a good journey home, we are off soon going further and further south taking our Motorhome on a Cruise to the Isle of Wight so we may be iffy but not to start with because we are staying on our friends drive. Take care xxxxxx XX

  3. What a great time we had today. Thank you for coming to visit and share our sniffs. It was so funny when you were blowing raspberries at the local woofers although I think I'll need to wear a disguise next time I go out. I'm glad you got to try the cumberland sausage, it's so tasty. We all loved our cuddles with OTL, he's so great with us woofers...unlike TM who tempts you with lovely roasting woofer's chicken but only gets it out of the oven as you open the door to leave. I'd given her my best look of adoration too and she made me leave with only a sniff, not even a smidge of chicken did I get! Tommy, Lady and Genie loved meeting you too and are now huge fans of The Goodwin Clan. Lady luuuuurrved you and Holly. She was stuck to your side on the walk. I think she will be your number one fan and I will have to fight her for the computer to read your blog. Your caravan is great for a snooze after our walk, although I think it was TM and our mum going on and on and on about glue slapping that sent me to sleep.
    Have a safe journey home tomorrow and thank you again for coming to The Eden Valley to see us. Lots of love to all of you from all of us, wags, licks, sniffs and woofs from Izzy, Bella, Hamish, Tommy, Lady, Genie and Molly de Cat xxxx