Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No Paddles Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret again!

Wot a day, it's all been happening today!

First of all Izzy's mum is getting kicked out of bed to do some walking exercises. She knows that it will be a bit painful but 'Grit Yer Teeth and Suck it Up Girl' it won't last for long!

Pretty soon she will be back doing her ballet dancing!

Then Auntie Sue going for some dustbin lid pills, Holly reckons they are worming tablets 'cos all worming pills are that size!

Never mind, stick some Tomato Ketchup on them and they don't taste so bad!

I have to have a tablet every other day and the only way I will take it is if it is hidden under some Blue cheese and on a small cracker!

Posh or wot?

Down here, last night, it rained and looking at the weather gizmo in Old Two Legs office, it rained twelve millimetres!

That is a lot of rain and it didn't even wake him up!

Mind you, it filled to pond up to the top!

Down on the beach, the tide was out, so no paddles. Freddy said he didn't feel like digging and asked permission to go to sleep or get carried!

That rain kept me awake all last night!
Miss May was not better, she dug a small hole and curled up in it for a snooze!

Wake me up when I've had my snooze!
 I didn't get a swim, mind you, the waves were a bit big and on top of that, the water looked a bit mucky!

Well, maybe not today!
Now, Archie Babe, I had to look up wot that thing is they stuck in your leg and I'm glad I've never had one! You must be very brave to have that stuck in you, never mind how many cuddles they give you!

As for collecting poos, OTL collects our poos every day but he throws them in the bin, wonder why the vet wants them?

Do you reckon your poo is worth something? I mean, I've heard of the goose who lays the Golden Egg but never a Woofer doing anything that has gold in it, unless they have swallowed a gold chain!

Let's hope it is all better soon or you start pooing golden balls!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Well it rained all night here as well but since I was tucked up in bed I didn't mind. It's been dry for most of the day now but it's getting very warm again. Poor Izzy's mum, I reckon they could let her have a lay in for a bit longer, some of these vet persons are a bit harsh. Now Mrs Sue and her dustbin lid pills, well, I have to have some dustbin lid size pills sometimes but I'm brave and I take them when my mum forces them down my throat, I'm sure if I had a word with my mum she'd come and help Mrs Sue to take hers. My mum is a vicious woman when there's medicine to be taken and you don't like it. Sorry to hear you didn't get a dip again but I wouldn't take the chance, I mean you really don't want to end up getting stabbed by a vet again. Them ferrets are getting very lazy, still I didn't fancy going too far on my walk this morning, this afternoon I bumped into my mate Buster and I told him all about the trauma I've suffered these last few days. I went this morning and I got lots of cuddles again, now they've told my mum I don't need to go tomorrow, just to take in my poo. I reckon they want my poo to auction off to my fans, I mean, 3 days worth could go a long way, shame my mum only kept little bits, still the pot isn't that big. Maybe my mum is selling it too them to help cover my bills. I hope Izzy's mum is feeling better, I bet Izzy and the gang are missing her. I'd miss my mum if she wasn't here to feed me. I hope Mrs Sue is feeling better on her new dustbin lids. Have a lovely evening all, hope the muggings are good. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. You will be pleased to hear that the pills were not quite dustbin sized, more tea plate size, well perhaps not quite as big, I have had a photo taken of my feet and they want a couple of pints of blood as well, I prefer brown sauce to ketchup though. Glad Izzy's mum is making progress and hope that she is home soon, sounds very nasty what she had done. We had lovely sunshine and Michael threatened the weeds in the garden, that makes them run and hide. Pity you missed a paddle now you are able, still maybe soon. I did laugh at those ferrets who have so much sleep and then need more on the beach, good job they don't like heat or they would be taking sun loungers and towels with them to line up. What a picture that would make! Thanks Archie but I think I can manage the pills without your mums help, I thought she was such a nice lady, there again I have only met her once and there were no pills involved xx. xxxxxx