Friday, 28 July 2017

The Torture Machine is here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Well, it's been all rush and tear today! Old Two Legs has been waving bits of paper around and tutting and blowing and mumbling to himself.

Monday is something he calls 'Year End' and that creates lots of paper and stuff that he just hates doing!

Mixed up with that, he is changing accountants 'cos his man is retiring to a life of peace and quiet away from OTL's books!

We were down the beach early as well 'cos The Missus wanted to borrow the little car. That means we had to 'Get a Move On'!

We don't mind Getting a Move On but we miss out on the hidden sniffs!

Not Fair!

You can tell how early we were up, the sun was still in bed!

Too early for the sun!
 We met up with young Bryn and he nearly got his nose nibbled by Eric!

Eric has got into the habit of trying to give all the woofers a 'Ferret Kiss' which is kiss with his mouth open and inside his mouth he has got some very sharp teeth!

He doesn't care who the woofer is or what size, OTL says he will get himself into trouble one day!

OTL had to pull him back a couple of times before Bryn felt the force of a 'Ferret Kiss'!

After Bryn wandered off, the Two Bob Dogs arrived, Marley and Dylan.

Marley is fascinated by the ferrets but still doesn't know what to make of them and while he looks, he still isn't brave enough to get too close!

Maybe he has heard of a 'Ferret Kiss'!

I'm just not too sure!
Lunchtime we got taken out by TM 'cos OTL was off to pick up our Grooming Table. He had to drive all the way over to Chiswick in South West London.

Loads of traffic!

He picked it up and when he got it set up, Holly and I were invited to 'Try It Out'

First Holly.

I'm not too sure about this, we haven't had to use the belly strap before!
 Holly got let loose and I had a go.

I'm sure that OTL did the belly strap up a bit tighter than he did with Holly!

I'll tell you anything you want to know..........I give in!!!!!!!
 Depending on rain and temperature, OTL says that he may give Holly a 'Shampoo & Set' on Sunday!

I don't mind that, Holly first and if it is a bit ragged around the edges she can always grow some more hair!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties. Wow, certainly busy down your end of the world today. That table looks the business, not sure about all them straps though. The forecast for the weekend isn't too good so maybe you'll have to wait and see wot OTL makes of grooming Holly chops, she is brave. I'm off to the groomers next week so you have my condolences. I don't blame the two bob bits for not getting too close to them razor sharp jaws. Loved the pictures today. I went for a walk with Monty from next door, we both came out at the same time so it was nice to walk and chat and share sniffs. My mum is doing some extra work in the morning so we have to have an early night, I'm on guard duty. It's rained on and off today so I'm made the most of it and snoozed in between showers. So where was Mrs TM off to in the small car that you had to go out so early? Can't OTL treat her to a pair of roller skates? Hope OTL can find an accountant that can add up without having to take his socks off. Now I had a little giggle yesterday, there I was, out in the garden having a pony and trap, my mum spots me and runs inside for a bag ........ the next thing my mum is flying thru the air and then bam. Down she goes like a ton of bricks, I must admit it did amuse me for a few seconds, then I went to have a look to see if she'd maybe slipped on something sniffy or tasty ......... no chance, she'd just misjudged the back doorstep and not picked her paws up properly, anyway I gave her a quick sniff over, nothing broken just a few French words. She's ok just a bit stiff, well she is knocking on a tad, they don't bounce so well at her age. Right I better go do a patrol of the garden. Have a lovely evening all and hope there are some decent muggings your end. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

    1. I was typing my comment at the same time as you so only just read it. I heard about the terrible trip up but hadn't realised it was your fault, you choose your moment. Michael said we have to bring a biscuit he said chocolate but I said Bonio. As your mum doesn't like Bonio and you can't have them it will have to be chocolate xx

    2. Wasn't my fault Mrs Sue, if she don't pick her paws up she will end up on her nose. ;) Love little Arch xxxx

  2. Well a grooming table from Chiswick, can't be too bad but I still wonder what its previous owner used it for. Seeing the try out pictures I get the idea and fully understand why it has to be used outside, are you selling tickets for the big event? I hope the neighbours don't call the RSPCA or the RSPCD&H! We have had on and off rain today but so much to see two camera batteries have been used and one has nearly finished being charged up. The Accountant will be able to retire to his yacht, he must have a head full of numbers, let's hope the new one can count. We don't want those local woofers getting a taste of ferret even if the ferrets want a taste of local woofer, be careful. Relax tomorrow and try not to worry about Sunday, maybe it will pour with rain just over Godwin Towers and you will be saved, there again OTL won't want to waste his money by not using it so be prepared. xxxxxx. XX