Sunday, 14 August 2011

An Otter day than Yesterday!

Daisy Who?

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Do you like the picture at the top?

I took that with OTL's camera while he wasn't looking!

We have been out with The Missus and Old Two Legs all day today!

It started off with us having a game of 'chase' with OTL and a ball. There is loads of room here on the caravan site and we have a great time running around!

Our Yard!

OTL said he would show TM the White Tailed Eagles nest with the two young chicks and also the parents who would be close to the nest. That was it, TM had not seen a White Tailed Eagle close up so she was up for a day 'Eagle watching'

When we arrived, the two adults were standing guard and TM was all excited looking at the birds through her new binoculars. Holly and me had seen them before so we stayed in the car to keep safe!

We then drove down the side of a sea loch, Holly and me were looking for Great Black Backed Gulls 'cos Holly had an idea they tasted just like chicken and wanted a nibble to try!

Suddenly OTL stopped the car and said that he had seen an otter in the water. As we had never met an otter before we were not sure if it would like us for lunch, so we stayed in the car looking out the window, just in case!

OTL got his big lens out and the big tripod and went creeping along the road like a 'Big Game Hunter'!

He managed to get a few pictures of the otter which weren't too bad!

Do I Look Good or what?
After that we went off to another loch where OTL said there were no eagles, no otters and no sheep! Which was a bit boring but at least the sun was shining and we had a good run along the beach!

We are going back there again tomorrow with OTL 'cos he says he knows of a sandy beach we can have a run along!

Chicken tonight followed by mugging OTL for some nibbles.

This is a great holiday, loads of food, walks and new animals to look at!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Hi You two, love hearing about you wonderful adventure....Wish i was there too !!!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. Daisy, I would like to have seen a picture of OTL creeping up like "the big game Hunter" now that would be worth seeing.

    That was a great picture of an Otter.
    Stay safe

  3. Ill second that, wonderful images of the Otter.

    Glad you are having a Great Time.

    Dont at all that food to fast.


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  5. Wonderful pictures of the otter and what a back yard you have. Keep taking the pictures I am looking forward to your next instalment.