Monday, 21 January 2013

Back to normal all around!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake back with you!

Well, the good news is that Snowflakes system is back to normal!

Another, 'Back to Normal' thing was Holly. As soon as OTL said 'Walkies' she was by the front door and waiting for OTL to get his boots on!

We had a super run down on The Sea Wall, diving in and out of the snow. It was dead easy for us to spot the new sniffs, we just looked for the yellow snow!

More Yellow Snow!
We had a great time charging about in the field where we sometimes see rabbits!

Where's the Rabbits!
Holly asked OTL what these marks were in the snow and OTL, being the 'Big White Hunter Type' said they were footprints made by a bird!

It's a Bird foot print!
He couldn't tell us what sort of bird, so, failure there for OTL!

For a doggy that didn't like the snow yesterday, Holly was completely changed today, running and jumping all over the place, just like a daft doggy should do!

Holly getting Daft in the Snow!
OTL said that he doesn't get daft and then started taking pictures of some dead flowers that have been cable tied to the bench for ages. Still, I suppose he knows what he wants to show!

Mum Remembered.
There were a couple of times when we thought we spotted rabbits but as we charged after them, they turned into Blackbirds and flew off!
It's a Rabbit this time, I think!

Back home OTL gave us a brush and we got stuck into some Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast while OTL let Snowflake out of her Snowy Heights to run around in the office.

We know that Snowflake is back to normal 'cos she had a couple of poo's overnight and as soon as OTL let her out for a runaround, she did another poo on the carpet!

OTL didn't seem too upset, not like when we were puppies and got caught short between the lounge and the garden, he used to get all loud and showy off with us!

Snowflake was chasing around looking for our squeaky toys that she steals and then stashes away in her 'Hiddy Holes'  under the office desk top, in amongst all the picture frames and tripods and stuff OTL keeps there. To Snowflake it is a super adventure park which is full of places only a ferret can get into!

Come on, in you come my squeaky!
It is the speed she goes in that amazes us, even faster than Holly with a tasty nibble!

Spot the Ferret!
OTL is sneaky too, 'cos he keeps an eye on where she hides the toys and gets them out while she is looking for the next one!

He even spotted her 'Ferreting Around' in my 'Day Bed' looking for stuff to steal!

Wot Me? I'm just having a game of Ferreting!
We were late in going out at lunch time but we had another run down on The Sea Wall an Holly enjoyed it just as much as this morning!

OTL spotted some more bird tracks and said that they were Lapwing 'cos he just saw them fly away!
A Lapwing 'On The Wing'!
The snow was getting a bit 'slushy' so that means it is melting and if it carries on then we will have nothing but mud to walk on! Mind you, it looked pretty looking over to the Isle of Sheppy!

Sheppy under the snow!
I was ferreting around under the grass to see how the mouses were doing and came out withy a load of snow on my nose, which made me sneeze!

Me with snow on my nose even after sneezing!
Holly and I had a good game of chase, we took turns to be the Snow Fairy and the other one chased the Snow Fairy and rubbed her nose in the snow!

The Snow Fairy is Flying!
On our way back to the car we spotted Mrs Corvid up in the trees, 'Seen any good carrion?' she called, I've had nothing but dustbin fodder today and I just fancy a bit of meat to finish it off!


Holly suggested we tell her about the dead fox we spotted on the road but decided against that 'cos there were a couple of Magpie having a nibble as we passed on the way out!

Snowflake has been out again and running around the office. She told us that the harness OTL got from eBay has been posted and she is looking forward to getting it fitted, mainly because of the amount of Ferretone OTL will have to give her to stay still while he fits it!

That is nearly as good as out photo sessions!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake


  1. So glad to hear Snowflake has had a poo. Looks like you and Holly had a lot of fun today in the snow. Did you see any of TM's cards on the television today? xx

  2. Hi Girls,

    Looks like all is good in the Daisy household and glad to hear that you are all fit and regular again especially Snowflake and our Holly. Nice to see you both frolicking in the snow.
    Wot about TM, ain't she fantastic with all those card she has made, I recon she should have some Chicken as a thank you. XX

  3. You will have to watch that Snowflake or she will be off with your chews.

    It is a wonder OTL doesn't have Snowflake on a lead and take her with you on your walks