Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ferrets? Wot Ferrets?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Have you noticed that us poor doggies have been sort of 'shoved' to one side the last few days?

I know that a new ferret is super news but lets face it, this is called Daisy's Diary!

Holly and me have been having a chat, we have decided not to ask Old Two Legs for a couple of super 'Fit' boy doggies for us 'cos we don't fancy the idea of having a cold wet noses shoved under our tail every time we turn around and on top of that, there are not enough snoozing places in the house to share with more doggies and on top of that they always want to wee half way up lampposts!

Have you noticed that it is a bit cooler today? Well it is down here so it has been most enjoyable, walking along the Sea Wall. Holly and I spotted a football on the beach but it had no air inside 'cos it must have got a puncture at some time, not that it worried us, we still had fun throwing it in the air!

Grrrr!  Take That!

I tried digging a hole big enough to bury the ball in but Holly kept pushing me to one side thinking I had something to eat that I was burying!

Wotcha Got to Eat?
 In the end she agreed that I would bury it then she would play 'Hunt The Ball'!

Come on, Have you Hidden it yet?
We found a family sitting on the beach having something to eat, I fancied my chances of getting a nibble or two so I started to 'Talk' to them. Now, it always seems to work with OTL or The Missus but on this occasion I failed totally 'cos all they did was laugh!

Go On, Just A Nibble?
OTL spotted some butterflies dancing about in the bushes, so that kept him busy for a while, allowing Holly and I to have a sniff for some rabbits!

This is called A Gate Keeper!
Back home, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles had spent most of the day snoozing, they were moving about from one bed to another, one moment cuddled up together and then in separate beds! They sure do travel a lot when sleeping!
Nah! You Choose The Next Bed!
OTL has ordered some more shelving and ladders for their cage, this is so they can get form one place to another a bit easier than at present. Holly says that by the time OTL finishes, it will look like a three dimensional game of 'Snakes & Ladders'!

Mind you, we saw Brambles in OTL's boot again and we reckon that if he keeps sniffing that boot like that, then everything will look like Snakes & Ladders'!

Mmmmm! OTL Sniff!
We did see that Snowflake has been teaching Brambles some tricks. This one is good, it's called 'Let's Mug OTL's Breakfast'.

The milk is super cold and goes down a treat first thing in the morning!

This is Grrreat!
Hey! I've just realised, I was planning a Blog with no ferrets and look what's happened!

I've tried to Ferret Proof this Blog but they still get in!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Sorry girls but the new boy does look kinda cute! We still love you though. Kx

  2. I think OTL has been telling you girls porkies about boyfriends ...... they only wee half way up lamp posts if they are big ...... if they're little they can't reach that far up ;) Lovely blog anyway Daisy, even if the ferrets did manage to sneak in ......... beautiful pictures, not quite sure how that family could resist giving you a little nibble :) xxxx

  3. You are still my FAVOURITES girls.... love the cuddles!xxx

  4. Daisy and Holly are the stars. XXX