Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Missus Returns!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

What a let down! Yesterday evening we were expecting the Great Flood with loads of Thunder & Lightning, power failures and stuff like that.

What happened?

All we got was a mild shower and two flashes of lightning and that was it!

Old Two Legs had set up the camera ready for some photographs of the storm and nothing happened!

We were all disappointed!

We were up early this morning 'cos we were woken up by the ferrets re arranging their furniture again. There is something about a Poo Pot as it crashes against the cage that just screams out for your attention, no matter fast asleep you are!

Snowflake came out with us this morning and we all set about hunting rabbit. I saw one and was creeping up on it when Holly came crashing past me, in 'Full Charge' mode and scared the rabbit down its burrow. Snowflake offered to go down and flush it out but OTL said 'no' to that idea!

Down on the beach we all sat to see if the tide was coming in or out and decided that 'Out' was the answer, so no swimming this morning.

Mind you, that didn't stop us from having a good sniff around to see if the tide had brought in any 'Super Sniffs' this morning!

Not a 'Super Sniff' but rather it's an 'Interesting Sniff'
Back home for a brush and breakfast, we got the brush, that was good but when breakfast was served it was 'Doggy Scoff' Yuk!

Holly and I retired to the sofa for a snooze after checking that Snowflake was eating her breakfast, which she was.

You know, that Ferret Nuggets stuff ain't too bad, it's made from chicken or turkey and tastes OK.

Maybe we could do a swap with her for our Doggy Scoff?

Snowflake settled down to her 'After Breakfast Snooze' cuddled up to Mr Brambles.

'After Breakfast Snooze'
OTL headed of to the Little Car armed with a vacuum cleaner, nasty noisy thing that is, the vacuum cleaner, not the car!

We came back from our lunch time walk, just Holly and I 'cos Mr Brambles said it was just too hot for him, half way down the path I got a familiar sniff. As I got closer to the front door the sniff got stronger and when we got in the hall I was positive.

The Missus was home!

We crashed through the door and there she was, sitting on the sofa!

Both Holly and I gave her a big 'Welcome Home' lick and we both jumped up onto the sofa and around the lounge and back up on the sofa and then another lick and around the lounge again then back up on the sofa!

We think she could see that we were pleased to see her!

After we all settled down, TM put the recording of the F1 racing on and we enjoyed a very good race. Lots of super racing and in the end Lewis finally got first place!

So, now we are all snoozy again and like the ferrets, Holly and I are enjoying a late afternoon snooze.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely surprise when you got home from your walk. I bet TM was just as pleased to see you's are you's were to see her. :) xx

  2. Hi my Furry friends, don't tell TM but she told me she had missed you both. XXX

  3. Was the smell TM cooking a super supper? Glad you made a fuss of her and ahhh, beautiful picture of Snowflake and her beau. We only had a shower as well but I heard that Chatham Dockside had a real deluge on Saturday afternoon.
    Big x's all round. XXXX