Friday 8 December 2023

Just for a change.....!

Hello Woofers.

Daisy back again.

Well, what a change, this morning we headed out to see the sea and surprise surprise, it was quite mild!

We met up with Pod and shared a couple of sniffs before heading down to the sea wall. When we got there, we noticed a rather large container ship heading off to Europe!

Now, that’s one mighty big container ship and loaded up to the max!

The colour isn't too good cos we were using the 35mm lens and on top of that it was still rather dark!

Going for a morning walk is OK but we have to negotiate road works and level crossing!

his is the middle traffic lights where the cars jump the lights cos, they are late for work and we have had to wait until they have passed us even though the lights were green in our favour!

Of course, the crossing that is never challenged is the Level crossing, I mean, who is going to jump the line in front of a train!

Feeling lucky?

Lunchtime we have started to use the football field behind our house which is great, loads of doggy sniffs and when we get through the trees and onto a sandy path, we keep out of the wind!

OTL has spent the day on the computer and I spent time annoying him as he tried to edit a number of radio frequencies!

What eve turns you on!

See you tomorrow.



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  1. Yo Daisy. Smashing pictures today. It has been a tad warmer here and my mum got my lead and asked if I wanted to go for a walk, well I was off like Linford, into the living room and on the sofa ........ I much prefer to stay snuggly in the warm, so off went my mum without me. I stayed behind and did the important job of guarding. I helped my mum flinging the glue and making Xmas cards and then I fell asleep on account of it was boring. Glad you managed to meet up with a mate. Take care, stay safe and warm all. Love, licks and sniffs from little Arch and the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx