Saturday, 20 August 2016

Saturday and Marley gets a sniff of Ferret!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

What sort of day have you had? Here it has been all fun and games!

It started off with two Wormy Men singing songs as they dug! I mean, it's bad enough having to listen to Old Two Legs singing in the shower without having to listen to a Wormy Man singing about 'Sixteen Tons'!

'You dig sixteen tons and what do you get? Soggy Boots and a Worm that's Wet!'
OTL says it's an old song, it must be very old 'cos we haven't hear of it before!

While the Wormy Man was singing his boots off we spotted Max and Oscar coming down the Sea Wall with that big Bozo of a woofer called Marley!

Hey! Look! Max & Oscar!
Marley was all over OTL like a mud bath and spent most of the time rolling around on his back while getting his tummy tickled! He did stop for a while and was asking about Miss May, like, 'what does she taste like?'

Do you have them for breakfast?
OTL said that she tastes like a ferret and offered to give him a sniff. We warned him that it wasn't the best sniff he could have but Marley insisted that he should try!

OTL lifted May up and poked her tail at Marley's nose.

Oh! Yeeerk!
'I don't think I'll want to do that again' he said and started coughing and sneezing, at the same time!

Max thought it was great fun and asked.........................

Go On, Go On, Do it again!
Marley said he would rather eat sea weed! Holly said it would taste better and there was plenty on the beach!

Sea Weed Sarnie anyone?
Lunchtime we were back and were dodging in and out of the rain. OTL spent time studying the rain radar and said there was an hours 'Window'.

I do love it when he gets all Technical!

Now you can tell it has been raining 'cos the rain drops are still on the Wild Sweat Pea blooms.

The tide was coming in fast and as OTL had the ferret bag with him, he dug out the rubber ball and I went chasing it in the water while doing the 'Doggy Paddle'!

Just look at that swimming style!
Mind you, after I had finished I had to wait until I got back to the car before getting a good rub down with the towel. Freddy said that I could have a roll in the grass to get the drips off me.

What a Drippy Dog!
Back home OTL sat down to a late lunch and watched some of the Olympic Games while I cuddled up on his lap to get the last damp bits off me!

Now what is all this about Archie Babe being kicked out of the bedroom, that is just not on!

I reckon I would have sat outside the door and Hoooooowled my tail off!

Mind you when I reckon we have been locked in the bedroom too long after the ferrets have been cleaned out, I jump up and give the door a good bashing with my paws, that gets OTL's attention!

So, no bathroom floor today, OTL got time off 'cos of his eye, which is completely blood red but is not so painful.

I can see that there will be a day next week when he will get 'Instructions'!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening little maties down by the seaside with the bestest TL's in the world. Can I come and live with you please. Now my mum has upset me again today! I had to go to the vets this morning for my bottom check and anal gland emptying, when my mum was holding me she spotted one of my latest little mates peeping out of my hair. Well! You should have heard the song and dance! Talk about dramas. I got instant flea treatment and a big can of stuff that stinks to take home and spray around the house. Now I know exactly when and where I met my new little friends, it was in the garden last night, now my mum spotted me doing some deep sniffing in next doors hedge and I wouldn't come away, well I was being polite, it's rude not to say hello to a passing little hedgehog. Wot I didn't know was the little hedgehog was evicting some of his non paying tenants and so I took a few. So today it's been a bit of a pantomime here. Now my mum had put clean sheets and bedspread on her bed yesterday, well blow me down if she didn't drag it off as soon as we got home and stuffed in back into the washing machine. Then she proceeded to grab all my blankets and soft beds and bunged them into the machine when it finished her stuff, then she took all the throws off the sofas and chair and in they went when my bed stuff was finished. Now this all took a long time and while it was all going on I was banned from the bedroom and the living room so I couldn't have any cosy snoozes, I had to lay on the floor in the kitchen, now is that anyway to treat your best friend? I ask you Daisy, is that anyway to treat a faithful woofer wot guards the house for free? My mum says we're sleeping downstairs tonight cos she's not having dickies in the bedroom! Cruel or wot? Another thing, I can't stand the checks every five minutes to see if she can spot anymore of my little friends! Anyways, enough about my cruel treatment. I pleased that OTL's eye isn't as sore and hope it gets better very soon. Glad you met up with your mates on the beach this morning. That Marley is a bit of a bozo, fancy messing with Miss May, I'm surprised he's still got his nose. Good to see you had a decent dip in the sea this afternoon, now Freddy comes up with some good ideas, he's a very clever little chap for his size. Loved all the pictures today. Have a lovely evening all with plenty of muggings, don't worry about me too much I'll be alright when my mum decides there's no more lodgers. Love, licks, wags, sniffs and a few little itches from little Arch and Mr (I don't do freeloaders) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Poor Archie must have sore paws as well as little visitors with all the typing he did, poor little fellow and he only likes to be friendly. He wasn't to know that his mum would go frantic, she is obviously not that much of a pet lover! Marley looks a lovely fellow but a bit too curious for some hopefully a tail of ferret will be enough for him. Those wormy men have been away for ages and now singing sea chanteys perhaps they have been to worm school learning all about the life and times of the average worm. They will be better teachers now. Pretty flowers today, a nice colour, not the shade of OTL's eye but very pretty. Glad it isn't as painful and I hope he is resting it, is he wearing an eye patch and keeping out of draughts? Have a bit of a lie in as it is Sunday and keep out of mischief. xxxxxx