Tuesday, 11 December 2018

A bit of a mix up today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret back again!

It is amazing how one little thing can change something that in turn alters something else that completely mucks up everything!

Now, take today for instance.

It all started off the day before yesterday when Holly found a sniff that had a tasty something that needed a lick to complete the whole package.

Holly, being quite proud of that was telling me how she found it and I didn't.

Looking back, I'm glad I missed it 'cos yesterday Holly got the Grumbly Tum and the Sore Butt!

Last night, around 02:45hr she was in need of a wander around the garden, so, being Holly, she opened her mouth and woofed!

Old Two Legs was the first up and almost fell down the stairs as he headed towards the back door to let Holly out. Well, after a bit in the garden she came back in and got her butt washed and dried then it was off to bed. This little excursion took about a half an hour from start to finish.

That means it was a whole hour before OTL rolled out of bed and banged his head on the bedroom door 'cos OTL didn't switch the light on!

So, after a shower and a teeth clean we were dragged from under our sleeping blankets and off we went for our walk, leaving the ferrets behind 'cos they had gone back to bed and were refusing to wake up!

Being that late also means that we saw the sky brightening and for the first time in an age, we saw the sun rise!
The Sun is just getting out of bed!
After a little bit we saw.................

Good Morning Mr Sun!
Then, a short while later, there he was all up and washed and teeth cleaned and ready for the day!

Good Morning to another bright sun shinny day!
 Mind you, it looked a bit odd, I mean, just how often do you see two suns? Sort of reminds me of that film that starts off......A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..............

'er where is Luke Skywalker?
Back home we all had a snooze while the ferrets played and OTL even managed to clip my claws on my left paw!

That means he has done my left and right paw including the Dew Claws!

I was terribly brave, especially as Holly was woofing her tail off 'cos I was getting all the attention!

Mind you, as soon as OTL put her up on the bench and got his clippers out to do hers she was off like a rocket!

She's a wimp really!

Lunchtime we left the ferrets asleep and headed off looking for sniffs, mind you, Holly's tum is still grumbly so it is 'sniffing only' today!

Remember, no licking, sniffin' only!
OTL kept an eye on Holly but she still managed to get a quick roll in a sniff!

By the time we had finished Holly said she felt a little better and was looking forward to a quiet night!

I'll let you know what happens!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!


  1. Yo maties. Well I'm sorry to hear that Holly chops has the grumblies, they can be quite painful so I hope she's soon over it. I know just wot you mean about TL's nearly falling down the stairs when they're half asleep. That's the trouble with some sniffs, they are so tasty. Loved the pictures today. It was very cold here today we had a frost. My mum made me wear my fleece when I went up the road to the shops to get my treats and cuddles. I didn't see any other woofers, thank goodness, I don't know wot they would think with me all dressed in a fleece. My boy is still home, it's his day off today and tomorrow, I think he's quite glad cos he's still not very well but I think he feels a bit better, his voice isn't so squeaky and he's hungry tonight. Me and my mum had a nice lay in this morning, it was so cold outside that we stayed snuggled in bed a tad longer. Hope you have a nice snuggly evening, well done for being brave Daisy. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and the Nippers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sorry about the Grumbley Holly but sounds as though she is recovering, well done big, slim, brave you having your claws clipped, if it were left to Holly she would be walking around on stilts with the long claws. How good to see the sun rise pictures, so much colour, I do love colour and the glowing oranges. I hope you have given OTLs head a good get well licking after the head banging, he is going to need to go to bed wearing a helmet for his head and steel capped boots to protect his little toes. It will make him a bit slower and decrease your vocabulary but it would be safer. Keep warm and big hugs all round xxxxxx