Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Rock Has Rolled On!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

We got up late today, well, we slept and Old Two Legs got up late then woke us up, late!

Normally that wouldn't mean much but we did get the chance to say hello to the gang as we all headed off to the sea wall.

We had a problem in that both Holly and I needed a poo and the gang got ahead of us and disappeared over the hill!

Hello Woofers!
When we got down to the sea wall all we found was a Boxer Type with an attitude problem and kept looking back and grumbling at us!

Yeah, you and whose army?
We have noticed that there are many more trees dropping their leaves and there are some super colours on the leaves as well.

After looking at the leaves we noticed a new Grain Rock on the ground, so, OTL picked it up and placed it in the crook of the tree where it would be on show but safe from marauding woofers!

A Grain Rock with bits on!
Lunchtime we woke Eric up, well, he was sort of awake but still snoozy! He had a walk along the Sea Wall and then had some fun on the beach digging in the sea shells!

OK, where are the crabs?
As we went over the hill towards the forest we noticed that they have been grass cutting some more and left little piles of stuff in a straight line. Mmm, strange, maybe we will be getting reports of UFOs as well as Grain Rocks!

It's the Grain version of the Nazca Lines!
You know, we do get some strange sights this end of the world!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Is TM doing rock painting classes on the sly?

    Sarn xxx

  2. Yo maties. Smashing pictures today but seeing as OTL took a picture of woofers, where's the pictures of you and Holly chops? It's been really quite chilly here, very damp even though it hasn't rained. I only went on half my walk today, I told my mum I wanted to go back home half way round. We've got to get up early tomorrow cos my mum is back to work, shame cos I was really enjoying my lay ins. Another nice rock today, you've got quite a lot of artists down your way. We've got whizz bangs going off again here tonight, I wish they would woof off, it disturbs my snooze you know. Glad Eric managed to get out for a walk today, tell him if he finds any crabs could he send the claws to my mum cos she likes munching on crabs claws. Hope you all have a lovely evening and some super muggings. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and the Nippers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely sunny pictures today and another Grain Rock to see, I wondered as well if TM is doing rock painting classes as they are so nice. A bit chilly today but at least no rain so that was very good. Those piles of grass look inviting, Eric would have great fun meandering through that lot. Very quiet here tonight not heard one whizz or pop so I hope it is the same for you and Archie will get an uninterrupted snuggle with his mum. xxxxxx