Thursday, 16 June 2022

Last Day!

 Hi Woofers.

Daisy here again.

It's getting exciting as the holiday getting closer, I've been getting out all my stuff I'll be taking, you know, Harness, short lead, doggy towel and stuff like that. Old Two Legs has been doing the same and he has even got out his big lens and sturdy tripod.

Both him and The Missus have been packing their clothes, TM has lost her walking boots, which is a good excuse for not taking me out for a walk and a wee!

OTL says she will have to buy a new pair when we get there!

Hey! What about High Heeled Wellies?

The morning walk was a little boring, the tide was out, so, no deep paddling, but the ferry looked dramatic as it pulled into Sheerness Harbour.

In, in time for breakfast!

OTL found a plastic ball and we had a game of 'Chase the Ball', that was until I got fed up and hid it in the grass!

You know, this one even squeaks!

Lunchtime was a disappointment as well; the tide was on its way in but it wasn't near enough for me to have a dip!

Still no water!

Well, that's it really, we met two sets of woofers including the two hooligans. Tomorrow we will be meeting up with Martin and the rest of the family then the next day we are off to get the ferry across to Isle of Mull!

So, don't get upset or worried if we don't post a blog until Sunday!

Bye for now.




  1. Yo Daisy. Glad to hear you've got everything you need packed away. Hope you all have a lovely journey with no hold ups. I'll be listening out to see if I can hear you singing your car songs. I went for a short walk today and met Blaze who's still on restricted exercise but he is feeling lots better. He's turning into a giant but he was very good and he laid down so I could have a sniff of him without him treading on me by mistake. We've had another quiet day, too warm to do much. Smashing pictures of you today, that will keep me going until you get time to do your diary again. Take care, stay safe and enjoy your holibobs. Love, licks and sniffs from little Arch and the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yo Daisy. Sorry to hear you've had a pig of a journey but I hear you kept OTL and Mrs TM awake blowing raspberries to all those people who were in the traffic queues with you. I don't suppose you'll have the energy to go round all the hotel rooms to see if there's any scoff going by the time you arrive at the hotel. We're all keeping our paws crossed that you don't have any more hold ups and get to your hotel very soon. Me and my mum are going to camp out in the living room tonight on account of it being so hot here today. With luck, by this time tomorrow you'll be dipping your paws in some nice cool water. Good job you got the new car with the air conditioning and comfy seats. We all hope that the rest of the journey tomorrow is a lot better than the journey today. Take care, stay safe all. Love, licks and sniffs from little Arch and the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hope you’re enjoying your holibobs although from Archie’s comments it seems the journey might have been problematic. Great pictures in this post xxx