Monday, 8 August 2022

A little splosh!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy here.

Pheew! It's been rather warm, hasn't it? Mind you I think everyone else was as warm as I was!

First thing this morning we met up with Max and Oscar, out for their early morning stroll. Oscar has to stay on the lead 'cos he doesn't take any notice when his Two Legs calls him and it could take ages to catch up with him!

Max is hiding behind that bush!

On the way down to the sea shore you could see where the weekend visitors had their BBQ tray. It was lucky they didn't start a fire!

It was lucky that the tide was in and I managed to get a dip in the sea. I didn't go all the way in cos there was a sort of scum that had been washed in on the tide. It comes from the mud getting washed.

I would have gone in for a swim but we couldn't find a stick for me to chase!

Lunchtime we were down there again and by this time the tide had gone out, so, I wandered into the wet stuff and collapsed into a puddle of mud!

One of the good things about this warm weather is that the wet and mud soon dries and then crumbles off my tummy, so, by the time I get back to the car all the mud had dried and gone!

This afternoon I spent snoozing on a bed under the stairs, dead cool!

See you tomorrow.



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  1. Yo Daisy, smashing picture of you today, the other pictures are nice as well. Glad you managed to get a splosh, I'm not into sploshing myself though. I would appreciate a nice bit of wet mud though. I've had a lazy day, I went out for an early walk but didn't go too far on account of it still being quite warm even though it was early. I sent my mum off to do a bit of shopping and I had a snooze. After lunch I decided a siesta would be a really good idea so I persuaded my mum (didn't take much) to have a siesta with me. My boy will be home in a couple of hours, if he's really good I might give him a cooling lick with my hot tongue. I'm back off for a siesta so stay safe and cool all. Love, licks and sniffs from little Arch and the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx