Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Nothing like a good experiment!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy here.

I haven't looked at the temperature gauge today but it feels warmer than yesterday!

Old Two Legs has been messing about with the Infrared camera and he even changed the lens from the 35mm to the 14-24mm.

The 14-24mm is a wide angle that he last used to photograph the Milky Way when he was in Orkney!

 This one was taken using the 35mm lens.

  So was this, using the 35mm

 On the lunchtime walk OTL took the infrared camera but this time was using the 14-24mm lens. Mind you the shade was nice even though OTL didn't want to sunbathe on the bench!

Even the concrete is hot!

Looking along the beach we could see that the tide was in but the waves were too big for swimming!


Getting down onto the beach we found loads of visitors and there was mini two legs as well. Of course, they tried to give me a stroke but I jumped out of the way!

This wide-angle lens seems to give a good depth of field, just look at the boy on the beach and the girl with her knee in the air.

Another interesting bit is the reflection on the internal lenses, looks like a UFO!

OK, no UFO but is that a couple of moons?

 Just to keep him happy, I stood still just long enough for a photo!

OK, that's it for today, shall we go back to colour again? Yeah, the colour camera and the 14-24mm lens.

If it looks rubbish, we can go back to the 36mm!

See you tomorrow.



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  1. Yo Daisy. Well I don't think you need to look at a thermometer, it was hotter today, too hot again. Now I don't like wet as you might know but even I would like a drop of rain to cool things down. I went for an early walk wot means I have to have an early siesta. Seems a shame to have to get up so early just to have a walk before it gets too hot. I mean, I do like my lay ins. I sent my mum down the vets first thing to pick up my tablets and get a couple of bits from the shop and some petrol, then she had a few more little jobs to do and then we did like wot they do on the continent ..... at 12 o clock sharp, we stopped all work and had a siesta ..... just call me continental. Now I'm not quite sure wot time they snooze to, but I have to have my regular scoffage so I decided at 1.30 to tell my mum to get my lunch, then we went and had a few more zzzzz's on account of it was still to hot to move. Smashing pictures today, but I'm looking forward to seeing you in glorious colour tomorrow. I don't blame you for keeping out of the way of them mini TL's, some of them don't realise that pulling a woofers tail hurts, so best not to trust them. Well I reckon I've earned another siesta so take care, stay safe and cool all. Love, licks and sniffs from little (melting) Arch and the others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx